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Every day is different.


One day we help a fast-growing media group find a strategic partner, the next an ambitious financial institution shape its long-term corporate outlook and strategy.

That's why we enjoy what we do so much.


Our clients operate across a number of different industries and range from SMEs to some of the biggest names in their respective fields.

What they all have in common is our clients' hunger for growth and value, and their relentless desire to be the best at what they do.  

S., P., C.

About Us

Throughout our experience at some of the ​world's top firms we found that bigger doesn't always mean better. Although scale indeed comes with great benefits, ambitious budgets, stringent regulation and complex structures governing large advisory firms seldom ensure that their clients' best interests are genuinely looked after.  

We felt the only way to offer a new approach and a superior service was to establish a platform, where we are limited only by our own pace, integrity and standards.

This is why we set up Ares Partners.

Our clients' success is paramount and we are here to help them make the climb.

Contact Us

38 Lyuben Karavelov Str. fl. 3

Sofia 1000 Bulgaria

Tel: + 359-877-12-12-40

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